King Zog

Felix Heyes
Josh King
Jake Slee
Ben West

Peckham, London
+44 (0) 7534 094 839

King Zog

This book contains the first Google Image Search result for every word in the dictionary.

In the old days, if you needed a fact, you needed a book. In the 21st century, everybody has the internet everywhere - on a desk, on your lap, or even in your pocket! This is much better for facts, but not so good for books.

Our project started with a list of the 21,210 words from the Oxford Pocket Dictionary . We didn't read them all, but our computers did, and they ran a Google Image Search for every single one. Then the first image result for each word was laid out, printed and bound as a dictionary.

Unlike Google Books, which takes real books and puts them on the internet, we've taken all the the stuff from the internet and printed it out. Why? Well, in a way, it represents what humans were doing at that time in history. The pictures on the internet come from every place in society - huge companies, normal people, good people, bad people, you, me, and nerds. We told a machine to pick the most important picture for each word in our dictionary. It can't even see.

This smelly tome full of varied tasteless nonsense contains pretty much anything — it's not really information, it's more like unformation, or funformation. A book for people who like looking at pictures and thinking about words.

Hands. Everyone has them, except for people who don't have them.

In the raging heats of 2013 we were commissioned by INT Works to make an installation at Secret Garden Party which could delight crusties and poshos alike.

Our answer was this giant friendly arm, stretching 6 metres from stump to fingertip. We sat for three days inflating rubber gloves by mouth and slathered them over the arm like a wobbly latex fractal, of sorts. Nick Wood was there to make sure nobody got hurt.

Fun fact: While they were initially designed only for war, man has since evolved his use of the hand to wipe bum, chop wood and tickle.

We asked the talented Kyle Platts to trace Emin for us.

The book is being auctioned at Kiosk Bookshop on October 2nd, with all proceeds to Art Against Knives. Make your bed and make a bid!